We have a variety of cheeses and other dairy products available for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Soft Cheeses and Other Dairy Products

A soft goat cheese, tasty both plain and seasonally flavored.
$10.00 per log

Flavored Chèvre
Seasonal and per request flavors available.
$12.00 per log

A salted soft cheese often used in salads but delicious all on its own too.
$5.00 per 1/2 pound

A mild cheese famous for its use in lasagna.
$3.00 per 1/2 pound

Nothing like the originals!
$3.50 per 8 oz

Flavored Yogurt
The old favorite with a seasonal flavoring.
$4.00 per 8oz

Hard Cheeses

Our cheese master has been creating artisanal hard cheeses for over a decade. The variety of hard cheeses we have in availability is subject to the seasons and our cheese master’s whims. Contact us or check our weekly availability page to see what kinds of cheeses we have this week!

1/4 wheel

1/2 wheel

3/4 wheel

Whole Wheel

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